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सकाळ । eSakal ePaper

sakal epaper

Sakal is a Marathi-language newspaper by Sakal Media Group with its central command in Pune, Maharashtra, India. eSakal epaper is the leader paper of the establishment production, Sakal Media Group. It positions among the main 10 language dailies of India and is the biggest coursed Marathi newspaper.

Pratap Govindrao Pawar has been in the leading body of Sakal since 1985 and is presently the director of the Group. As indicated by the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s (ABC) most recent report, Sakal is the most noteworthy coursed and the most sold paper in Maharashtra with a day by day dissemination of roughly 1.3 million.

About Sakal Epaper

Dr. N. P. a.k.a. Nanasaheb Parulekar was the originator of Sakal. It is distributed in the urban communities of Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Sangli, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nanded, Parbhani, Solapur, Nagpur, Satara, Akola and Jalgaon.

The gathering’s different activities comprise of territorial papers, magazines and Internet distributing, together utilizing more than 3000 individuals. It has one of the biggest Marathi sites, eSakal epaper, which compasses to 300,000 Internet clients over the globe.

Overview of Sakal Newspaper

Sakal Group has a variety of magazines. Sakal Saptahik (सकाळ साप्ताहिक). Sakal Saptahik stands at the top in the IRS (Indian Readership Survey). Tanishka (तनिष्का) is a monthly magazine targeting women readers. Premier (प्रीमियर) is the entertainment magazine publishes ins and outs of the entertainment industry every month.

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Sakal Media Group
Publisher Sakal Media Group
Editor-in-chief Rahul Gadpale
Founded 1 January 1932
Language Marathi
Headquarters 595, Budhwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Circulation 1,337,901 Daily (as of Jul – Dec 2015)
Sister newspapers Sakal Times

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Download Link of Sakal Epaper PDF

June 2020

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November 2019

Sakal epaper Monthly PDF Date wise [November 2019] – Download

October 2019

Sakal epaper Monthly PDF Date wise [October 2019]- Download

History of Sakal Newspaper

Sakal was an exemplary paper of the pre-autonomy patriot period. Its hopeful originator, Dr. N.P. nom de plume Nanasaheb Parulekar had been impacted by American papers during his years at Columbia University. By presenting Sakal news paper Marathi (morning) to propel Mahatma Gandhi’s development for freedom, he additionally demonstrated the way to certifiable everyday news coverage in Marathi.

In spite of the fact that it was begun as a piece of the patriot cause, after Indian autonomy, Sakal paper set up itself as a fruitful business by writing about everyday concerns, of Pune as well as of its rustic neighborhoods. By the 1960s, Sakal named full-time journalists, each with a phone, in each town in its neighborhood.

It ran preparing camps for its writers, advancements and social occasions for its perusers and letters to the editorial manager on its first page. Under Nanasaheb Parulekar, Sakal newspaper Marathi kept up severe political lack of bias and embraced the possibility for the neighborhood, state or National races absolutely based on their legitimacy.

When Dr. Parulekar kicked the bucket in 1973, he left the paper with numerous great practices and rich traditions. It endures the primary stuns of India’s transformation in paper innovation and carried on for over 10 years.

Pratap Pawar took over Sakal in 1985. The Pawar family transformed the paper into an open restricted organization in 1989, and Pratap Pawar turned into the Managing Director.

List of editors of eSakal epaper

  • N. B. Parulekar – 1 Jan 1932 to 31 Dec 1943
  • Ramchandra Balwant a.k.a. Babasaheb Ghorpade – 1 Jan 1944 to 20 Feb 1951
  • N. B. Parulekar – 21 Feb 1951 to 8 Jan 1973
  • Shridhar a.k.a. S. G. Mungekar – 9 Jan 1973 to 9 Feb 1985
  • V. D. Ranade – 10 Feb 1985 to 30 Apr 1987
  • S. K. Kulkarni – 1 May 1987 to 31 Jul 1987
  • Vijay Kuwalekar – 1 Aug 1987 to 7 Aug 2000
  • Anant Dixit – 8 Aug 2000 to 15 Jul 2005
  • Yamaji Malkar – 16 Jul 2005 to 9 May 2009
  • Uttam Kamble – 10 May 2009 to 31 July 2012 (Editor In Chief)
  • Shriram Pawar – 1 Aug 2012 to 28 Feb 2018 (Editor In Chief)
  • Rahul Gadpale – 1 March 2018 – till date (Editor In Chief)

Current status of the “Sakal Group”

Abhijit Pawar is currently the managing director of the group. Under his leadership, the group has launched the first and only agriculture daily, Agrowon. The official website states that it is “first media company to organize events & exhibitions as well as the first media group to implement 6-sigma processes across the company.”

Online presence of eSakal


eSakal has own website where you can find daily epaper.

The Very old newspaper launched the website at  . You can visit this website and check out the daily epaper. also, you can share it on social media.


We are not the owner of the paper Sakal, We are just sharing the pdf file of the epaper. eSakal which is already available on the Internet. We are pleased to inform you that we are providing links to download today’s epaper in pdf format.

Visitors can easily find epaper downloadable link by clicking that visitors can download the pdf file.

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