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Sakshi Epaper

Sakshi is a Telugu Newspaper situated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is possessed by Y. S. Bharati, spouse of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy and run by K.Ramachandra Murthy.

Sakshi was propelled on 24 March 2008, the principal provincial paper planned by the incredibly famous paper planner, Mario Garcia. As per the Price Water House Audit, the paper had an underlying print run of 1,286,670.

About Sakshi Newspaper

As per the Audit Bureau of Circulation, dissemination figures discharged in December 2017, Sakshi is the second-biggest coursing paper in Telugu states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) after Eenadu epaper with a flow figure of more than 1.09 million.

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Sakshi started with 23 versions distributed all the while from 19 urban communities (in then Andhra Pradesh) alongside the four metropolitan zones of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. This record was recognized by the Limca Book of Records. Sakshi epaper district edition today was the second paper in India to distribute the entirety of its pages in shading.

Sakshi is currently accessible online consistently with the entirety of its versions alongside the local releases

Overview of Sakshi epaper PDF

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Y.S Bharathi (wife of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy)
Publisher Jagathi publications
Editor Murali V
Founded March 2008
Language Telugu
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Circulation 3,145,194 Daily (as of Jul 2019)

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Note- It is all for education purposes. We are not the creator or publishers. we are just sharing the link Sakshi epaper district edition today which is already on the internet.

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April 2020

3 April   AP     TS

2 April   AP     TS

1 April   AP     TS

March 2020

31  March   AP     TS

30  March   AP     TS

29  March   AP     TS

28  March   AP     TS

27  March   AP     TS

26  March   AP     TS

25  March   AP     TS

24  March   AP     TS

23  March   AP     TS

22  March   AP     TS

21  March   AP     TS

20  March   AP     TS

19  March   AP     TS

18 March   AP     TS

17 March   AP     TS

16 March   AP     TS

15 March   AP     TS

14 March   AP     TS

13 March   AP     TS

12 March   AP     TS

11 March   AP     TS

10 March   AP     TS

9 March   AP     TS

8 March   AP     TS

7 March   AP     TS

6 March   AP     TS

5 March   AP     TS

4 March   AP     TS

3 March   AP     TS

2 March   AP     TS

1 March   AP     TS

February 2020

29 February   AP     TS

28  February   AP     TS

27  February   AP     TS

26  February   AP     TS

25  February   AP     TS

24  February   AP     TS

23  February   AP     TS

22 February   AP     TS

21 February   AP     TS

20 February   AP     TS

19 February   AP     TS

18 February   AP     TS

17 February   AP     TS

16 February   AP     TS

15 February   AP     TS

14 February   AP     TS

13 February   AP     TS

12 February   AP     TS

11 February   AP     TS

10 February   AP     TS

9 February   AP     TS

8 February   AP     TS

7 February   AP     TS

6 February   AP     TS

5 February   AP     TS

4 February   AP     TS

3 February   AP     TS

2 February   AP     TS

1 February  AP     TS

January 2020

29 January Sakshi epaper PDF    AP     TS

28 January Sakshi epaper PDF    AP     TS

27 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

26 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

25 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

24 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

23 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

22 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

22 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

21 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

20 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

19 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

18 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

17 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

16 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

15 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

14 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

13 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

12 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

11 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

10 January Sakshi epaper PDF  AP     TS

9 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

8 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

7 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

6 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

5 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

4 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

3 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

2 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

1 January Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

December 2019

31 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

30 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

29 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

28 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

27 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

26 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

25 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

24 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

23 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

22 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

21 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

20 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

19 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

18 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

17 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

16 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

15 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

14 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

13 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

12 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

11 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

10 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

9 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

8 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

7 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

6 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

5 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

4 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

3 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

2 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

1 December Sakshi epaper PDF   AP     TS

November 2019

Sakshi Epaper Monthly PDF Date wise [November 2019] – Download

October 2019

Sakshi Epaper Monthly PDF Date wise [October 2019] – Download


For what reason should we read Sakshi Epaper PDF ?

Sakshi epaper district edition today is the second biggest paper in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State. It gives us significant updates on South India. It likewise gives extraordinary news from All over the world. So if anyone needs to realize the Telugu Peoples’s heart and circumstance of them, perusing the Sakshi Epaper is the most ideal way.

How to download Sakshi Epaper Today PDF Free?

We Daily Newspaper PDF Team proceeds with every day to transfer Sakshi Epaper PDF totally free. It is anything but difficult to download the Sakshi Epaper Today PDF File. Look up the page and discover the download “Sakshi Epaper PDF Download”, Click on the State and your PDF document will be showing up for that specific State Edition. Presently, Click on Top-Right Download symbol and your record will be naturally downloaded.

Would I be able to Download Old Sakshi Epaper PDF?

Easily! we are putting away every day Sakshi Epaper PDF for our future. simply go beneath the page and you can see a rundown date astute. Snap-on that State Name and your document is prepared to download.

When do I get Sakshi Epaper PDF?

In Daily Morning before 7:00 AM, you can download the Sakshi Epaper PDF record from our site. In the event that there any specialized issue, we will advise you.

Is it safe to utilize the record from This site?

Sure ! This is completely alright for your security. We run our site in paid SSL, so your protection is kept private. What’s more, you can peruse our Sakshi Epaper PDF quiet.

Online presence of Sakshi Newspaper

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Sakshi Newspaper has own website where you can find daily epaper.

the newspaper launched the website at . You can visit this website and check out the daily epaper. also you can share it on social media.


We are not the owner of the epaper Sakshi, We are just sharing the pdf file of the epaper Sakshi which is already available on the Internet. It just for education purposes.

If any policy violation happened then please inform us.

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