How to read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC preparation.

Reading The Hindu is the favorite newspaper since it’s crucial and indispensable part of UPSC preparation. The value of reading papers for Civil Services has increased tremendously because the majority of the queries are triggered out there.

Out of the numerous newspapers available on the current market, The Hindu covers whole news quite well from the national viewpoints, global perspectives, science & engineering and other issues in a very holistic way.

In regards to UPSC exam prep, covering the existing Affairs part is the most challenging what many of the aspirants feel and the often asked question is which paper to read for the exam and how to make notes of it.

The Hindu newspaper is your best source concerning credibility and articles among other Indian papers.

Strategy to read The Hindu Newspaper.

1. start with the 1st page. don’t go directly on the last page.

2. Now, please do something: do possess a pen/pencil on your hand and underline every particular information which you feel will be useful.

3. Then cut all of the important news. Then put them so. Initially, it is going to take much time.

4. Only paper studying will take 4 to 5 hours every day. Cutting and placing them in documents will require another 1 hour. But gradually you will realize that news is significant and which aren’t.

5. In the time of this exam, you will understand that this effort of yours will place you much ahead of others at the GS score.

6. Apart from The Hindu, one monthly magazine is crucial. You may use some of 3-4 magazines which are accessible such as civil services chronicle, competition magician, civil services times etc..

The magazines must be studied simply to stay updated with regard to current affairs.

7. Another important issue is the analysis. After reading information, do analyze them in your own and attempt to create your opinion on that topic. This really helps when you’re writing the mains. For evaluation, the editorial and op-ed page is vital.

8. In market, some technical conditions are there that one needs to understand to completely understand the news. So, do purchase a really good dictionary of financial terms.

Additionally, the special issue of Pratiyogita Darpan (called PD) is quite helpful. Notes making really helps but stay updated with your own notes.

9. Another thing would be to mug up all of the international treaties for all of the issues like disarmament, global warming, economic collapse, IPCC, Ramsar convention, G5, G8, G20, NAM, SAARC etc..

Here again, do recall their history, year of treaty, purpose and most significant current upgrades.

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10. For data, there are two sources. This book clears the principles in a very wonderful manner. Another one is the Spectrum data publication, which comprises the previous 10-year newspapers also.

11. Do read Mr Gupta’s book when you have time in lots. If in hurry, spectrum publication is more than adequate. But please note, data requires a lot-lot-lot of training. You need to take all of the arms to fix the issues like calculator, protractor, scale, pencils and graph paper.

Practice as if you’re sitting at the actual exam and attempt to decrease time and increase accuracy.

12. Also note that from the exam, never stick to the plan of Stats question first and others continue. Doing stats will kill your precious one. Moreover, stats weight is diminishing. Instead, do the stats questions in the end. And be certain that you have as much practice to finish it in 30 minutes.

13. For Science and Technology, there are two lines of prep. One would be to prepare all of the standard topics like Nanotech, Biotech, Indian space missions, DRDO army weapons etc..

Particular issues of monthly magazines are really valuable. Second would be to prepare the Hottest in Sci and Tech. Now it’s a very very vast area. Never miss the Thursday special Technology and Science issue of The Hindu newspaper.

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